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If you're interested in performing one of our musicals, please get in touch by emailing, or click below to request a perusal script.

When emailing to express an interest, please provide information about your proposed performance including:

  • School name and type

  • Likely performance dates, venue and capacity

  • Approximate cast size

  • Musician capabilities


We are keen to encourage and facilitate schools and amateur groups to perform these original musicals. At the same time we want to support the writers and composers. Performance fees will apply, but these are significantly lower than typical licencing fees for published works from MTI, MusicScope, Disney or similar. Please inquire for details.

All the shows have been performed with school-age musicians, the music being moderate-to-difficult (most parts are of roughly grade 6-8 standard). It is possible to perform them with just piano accompaniment, but we strongly advise using the full orchestrations.

Materials will usually be made available in PDF format so you are able to print the required number of copies and make any amendments necessary for your performance purposes.

These are all works in progress. They have been performed successfully but please be aware the works may be adapted at any time. We are always open to feedback and would be delighted to hear from you about your experiences of staging one of our productions.

The content of each work remains entirely the property of the author and composer. Schools or groups wishing to perform a work will be required to sign an agreement to restrict the dissemination of materials to the rehearsal period, and to perform the work only for an agreed amount of performances.

Any audio or film recordings can only take place with prior consent.

All programmes, posters and other publicity materials must contain clear acknowledgement of authorship.

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