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Swing Heil!

A story of jazz and jealousy in the Third Reich

Hamburg, July 1943. At the height of the allied bombing raids a group of teenagers living under Nazi rule defies the regime by dancing to banned jazz music in a secret underground bunker. Their free-spirited leader is Max, the son of a senior Nazi official but dedicated only to enjoying himself as much as the war allows. His friend Eva fails to convince him and the rest of the group to stand up to the Nazis more actively. But when dangerous political pamphlets start to circulate, the Swing Kids need to decide just what it means to be free…

This studio musical follows the story of seven young people (c.16-20) who are suddenly confronted with the realities of war and repression. It is an ideal production for a small talented cast of older pupils or young adults, including actor-musicians. It is scored for an off-stage jazz trio (piano/bass/drums), with optional onstage piano, saxophone and trumpet features. The action all takes place within an air-raid bunker, with a running time of c.80 minutes (one Act). Swing dancing plays a key role in the story, allowing ample opportunity to showcase talented dancers.

PLEASE NOTE: This show is currently under development, having premiered at the Old Fire Station theatre in Oxford, in July 2018. Contact us if you'd be interested in premiering the new version when it's ready: meanwhile, watch the teaser below to get a short preview.

Swing Heil’ inevitably invites comparison with Cabaret’. Remarkably the show holds up very well against so mighty a prototype.’ – Oxford Times****

'This show ought to run and run in another venue.' - Oxford Daily Info

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