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A story of the Russian Revolution

by Alex Thomas 

‘And you, what did you do?’

‘I survived, as you see.’

‘Is that all?’

‘It’s enough.’


An epic scale book musical set in revolutionary Russia, packed with memorable ensemble scenes. It follows the fortunes of the aristocratic Vebronsky family and their servants through this tumultuous year, when a world comes tumbling down and a new one rises from the ashes. 


ROLES: 8m, 5f, large chorus (including numerous small speaking roles)

MUSIC: 26 songs, orchestrated for 18-piece orchestra


This is an ambitious and large-scale musical. The plot is based on the experiences of many aristocratic families during that fateful year, which saw their opulent dream-world replaced with the stark reality of modernity. Against this epic historical backdrop the Vebronskys argue, laugh and love like any other family. In Act 1 we see their world overturned by the tidal wave of the February revolution: in Act 2 they must come to terms with the new, terrifying Russia. 

Inspired by the incredible stories which emerged from the revolution, 1917 is a celebration of humanity’s ability to survive. The score captures Russia’s rich musical heritage, with sweeping orchestral melodies alongside exuberant folk dances and avant-garde jazz.

The show can be performed by a young company but there are roles for older actors if required. The chorus play a key part in the action, making this an ideal ensemble piece.


Watch the short teaser below with images and audio from the 2016 premiere

'The original musical score was outstanding, with flourishes of dark and light and a narrative structure of repeating themes and motifs crafted with great expertise. Add to this the striking set pieces, expertly choreographed dance routines and thrilling chorus numbers – not to mention the sheer creative drive that led to its creation - 1917 was a tour de force that wouldn’t have looked or sounded out of place on a West End stage.' - Oxford Times

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